Top 10 Fashion And Lifestyle Magazines To Follow On Instagram


Why do we need Instagram in our lives? Because every other network is full of noise – Facebook for example on which you see everything you want and don’t want. We just need to have a go-to place which is simple and satisfactory. And that’s Insta! I also see Instagram as a great way to follow celebrities, connect with influencers and, of course, get a daily piece of inspiration specifically from top publishers. I recently read this ebook launched by Flipsnack about a study on how the biggest 15 magazines are using Instagram. What I found very interesting was that men are more interested in fashion than people generally assume. This is why I collected for you the top fashion and lifestyle magazines you should follow on Instagram right now, even if you are a teenager, a business woman, a business man or a housewife.

11. Vogue

Instagram: @voguemagazine

Vogue Magazine is one of the most popular fashion and lifestyle magazines. On their Instagram account you can see photos and videos that every woman wants to see. From events like #MetGala and photo shooting sessions to ideas for what to wear today and lovely style photos.