Preventing Alzheimer’s & Dementia Naturally – 9 Diet & Lifestyle Habit Changes


Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. It actually kills more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined (1). Instead of putting the focus on preventing Alzheimer’s, the medical community puts emphasis on slowing the progression of the disease after onset with drugs and therapy. However, if you truly understand dementia, then you can change your lifestyle to protect your brain from cognitive decline before it happens.

21. Quit Smoking

As Web MD puts it: “While smoking has long been known to increase the risk of dying from cancer and heart disease, researchers in Finland say they’ve found strong reason to believe that smoking more than two packs of cigarettes daily from age 50 to 60 increases risk of dementia later in life.” (5)

It’s never too late to quit: “former smokers or people who smoked less than half a pack per day did not appear to be at increased risk of developing dementia.”

Researchers theorized that the increased risk is partly due to the fact that smoking contributes to oxidative stress and inflammation. Many other studies have also confirmed the link between smoking and Alzheimer’s (6,7).

If you’re having trouble quitting, there are many natural herbs that can support your efforts to ditch the bad habit and clear up some toxins in your lungs after quitting.